Sisterhood Self Love Ritual

What is A Ritual

"An intentional practice that is done as a form of prayer." - Mana Meilin

We have many routines in our lives: our morning routine, how we cook or bake, making coffee, our night routine.

The only difference between a routine and a ritual is the intention behind the action.

Why Ritual

Our routines tend to bring us feelings of comfort, stability and peace. Adding the element of intention into these routines give us the opportunity to access deeper meaning, awareness and connection in our daily lives. It gives us the time and space to feel gratitude, to acknowledge the abundance in our life, and to slow down and really be in the present moment.

Why Participate

Many of our basic routines have to do with self care: showering, brushing our teeth, washing our face. And as a general statement, a lot of the time when we are doing self care, we are not at all present in our body. We are thinking about our to-do list, we are brainstorming a problem, we are in a rush to hop in and out of the shower because we are running late.

Participating in this ritual as a group of sisters requires us to step out of our homes and into a space that is free from distraction. Where we can truly give ourselves permission to make our self the sole focus of our own attention. This may feel strange! We may not be used to truly turning inward and giving ourselves this sacred time. THIS is why we should participate!

What Is Involved

We will start by sitting with cacao to encourage our surrender and softening, to help us feel and embrace our Divine Feminine, and to open our hearts and connect to each other and to the earth. We will then use additional plant medicine products including 100% natural handmade soaps, lotions, and scrubs to explore and really nourish our bodies. We will participate in some exercises to keep us present in the current moment, and will connect through giving and receiving support from our sisters.

Why Is This A Sisterhood (Women Only) Event

Because I (Christine, your facilitator) am a woman. And I am here to do my part to repair the global sisterhood. I am here to support the resurgence of the Divine Feminine. And I am here to help my sisters re-member the innate power that we have, just by being women!

Long ago women used to gather and share wisdom with each other. With this event we tap into that power of community. We tap into higher consciousness. We heal generational wounding. We lift each other up and celebrate each other.