Red Cedar Studio is a conscious business operated out of Langley, British Columbia.

What is a conscious business? In its most basic form it is a business that puts particular effort into being truly good for people and truly good for the planet within its particular discipline. It is a business that is flexible, with the ability to grow and change as the needs of people and the planet grow and change.

For me (Hi there! My name is Christine; I am the owner and operator of Red Cedar Studio) it is a dynamic, fun, joyous, love-filled way to spend my time. It is the embodiment of my purpose.

How did I get here and what do I do?

Though I didn't realize it at the time, my first introduction to plant medicine was when I learned how to make - and started using - natural soap and skincare products in 2018.

It felt so good to spread the beauty of mother nature on my body, to pamper myself with Mama Earth’s abundance, elegance and energy. Over time without conscious effort, I created a therapeutic ritual around my skincare routine. The effect was subtle and powerful.

Cleansing with this plant medicine has become a sacred opportunity to take time for myself, care for myself and nourish myself. And I know that I am treating my body with the respect that I have come to realize that it deserves.

I have been called to share this plant medicine with those around me. And the beautiful thing is that we all need soap! Instead of using a synthetic and processed detergent on my skin, I choose to use natural plant medicine to soothe my body and by extension, my heart and soul. In using my handmade products and being open to their power, the trajectory of my life has shifted greatly.

I have been drawn to working with other plant medicines, particularly the gentle, heart opening spirit of cacao. I have moved from a part time product based business to an embodied lifestyle of plant medicine and connecting to myself, to the earth and to those around me. And I am here to share the power of plant medicine with you.

I facilitate Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Self Love Rituals and Earth Love Rituals to spark the re-membering of your connection to yourself, to the earth and to those around you.

I create skincare products are deeply infused with the intention of calling in the healing and guiding spirit of the plants within them. These skincare products supplement the work that you do in formal ceremony and ritual, so that on a daily basis you continue to strengthening those connections that you are fostering.

I pour candles with the intention of aiding you in creating ceremony and ritual in your everyday life, bringing the glow of the fire element into your space.


I am here to share love, and all of the medicine that I make and serve is deeply infused with this purpose.

I am excited to meet you!

With love,